Tuesday, 18 March 2008

NGS - case study and ENGAGE project

Latest NGS newsletter (http://www.grid-support.ac.uk/files/Newsletter/March_NGS_News_2008.pdf) features:

- article on ENGAGE: "Eleven groups, with research interests that include Oceanography, Biology and Chemistry, have already been interviewed. The results of the interviews will be reviewed during ENGAGE’s second phase. This phase will identify and publicise the ‘big issues’ that are hindering e-Research adoption and the ‘big wins’ that could help it. Solutions to some of the big issues will be developed and made freely available so that the entire research community will benefit. The solutions may involve the development of new software, which will make use of OMII-UK’s expertise, or may simply require the provision of more information and training. Any software that is developed will be deployed and evaluated by the community on the NGS."

- case study of using NGS in Integrative Biology to understand defibrillation of the heart: "“Using the NGS does not give time improvements when you are using sequential code, but it does give definite performance improvements.” says Dr Rodriquez. “Once you get started, using the NGS is very easy to use.”"

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