Thursday, 13 March 2008

NGS and data storage

The March NeSC newsletter ( features a short item on NGS focusing on storage, referring to their work with SDSS:

"One example of where the NGS is assisting with large data sets is the Sloan Digital Sky Project (SDSS; It already uses the NGS in order to simultaneously access two large databases containing images of nearly 300 million celestial objects. The relational data bases in the UK and US hold over 100 parameters for each object therefore difficulties with storage and access were inevitable. Helen Xiang at the University of Portsmouth has been using the Oracle databases hosted on the NGS to store the data and recently succeeded in transferring almost 2 Terabytes of SDSS data to the NGS Oracle database in Manchester. A separate Microsoft SQL database at Portsmouth holds another 2 Terabytes of similar data and joint queries on the two databases have been successfully run. Not only did the SDSS solve the problems of data storage but they also solved the problem of a large number of users being able to access the data from wherever they were based. "

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