Thursday, 3 January 2008

VRE 1 - lessons learned

Just found my notes from the JISC Conference 2007 and rather than lose them again thought they might be more useful here:

The session on VREs raised a number of questions:
  • is a VRE a warehouse or a federated repository?

  • should it be a social space or an organised rich space?

  • what is the right level of granularity?

  • should content be open or protected?

  • what about desktop integration?

  • how can we enable added value by researchers?

  • how is software evolving? how can we make it sustainable?

Roger Slack talked about users:

  • requirements gathering is not a one-off - it is longitudinal

  • need active involvement of all partners

  • enfranchisement - spell out benefits to users

  • ensure funding to support championing

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