Monday, 14 January 2008

Information World Review - various news

Information World Review (Dec 07):
  • Good to see VizNet getting a mention, "VizNet rescues research from data overload"
  • Interesting article on scientific information, "STM Mines Workflow": "Information overload is shifting the researcher's search and find paradigm away from document retrieval and towards information extraction"
  • A useful article, "Back to basics: the wiki" on the advantages and strengths of wikis in a corporate environment, choosing between open source and commercial wikis and some suggestions of how wikis can be utilised and for what: "You need a wiki when...communication is a chore; important information is scattered around email inboxes" "Think wiki for bottom-up rather than top-down content control where you don't need centralised governance. think CMS for top-down content control where compliance demands such governance"

Information World Review (Jan 08):
  • "Wales urges librarians to help build better Wikipedia" on Jimmy Wales' plea for librarians to get involved in the Wikipedia Academies to teach wiki editing skills.
  • "The time has come for the semantic web to SPARQL" talks about SPARQL which "is designed to pick up truly relevant information from the internet in RDF format" and GRDDL (Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages) which extracts RDF from XML and XHTML.

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