Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Info World Review : interesting news items

Information World Review (Nov 07) features some interesting items...

- a news item, Search and aggregators set to dominate, on the recent Outsell Information Industry Outlook report:
"Watson Healy said 2008 would be 'year of the wiki', with Web 2.0 technology replacing complex portals and knowledge management, and that 'a critical mass of information professionals would take charge of wikis, blogs or other 2.0 technologies on behalf of their organisations".

- an item, PubMed recasts rules for open access re-use, on the new guidelines recently agreed by the UK PubMed Central Publishers Panel:
"Under the terms of the statement of principles, open access (OA) published articles can be copied and the text data mined for further research, as long as the original author is fully attributed".

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