Friday, 5 October 2007

Participative web conference

The blog from the Participative Web conference this week has been a really good read. Richard Ackerman has posted on citizen science - "It is clear that the rapid pace of change is pushing those involved with science infrastructure to think about ways to interact with a broader public, to take advantage of the energy and creativity of the general population, promoting greater understanding of and participation in science. "

Richard has also given a summary of a talk from Andrew Herbert from Microsoft - interesting points include: how sensor networks will enable real-world data to be used in simulations; how to get the right balance of skills in the research workforce.

There's also some handy guides to some of the key themes of the conference, including eScience. The blog links to transcripts as well as the webcast, and to some videos (including two relevant to eScience, by Andrew Herbert and Walter Stewart).

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